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Morocco Southern Coastal Tour From Marrakech To Mirleft

From Marrakech

5 Days


This Morocco coastal tour can be used as an extension to the larger main tour or as an independent itinerary for travelers aspiring to explore coastal wilderness of South Morocco

Details & Itinerary

Day 1:Marrakech – Agadir

Leave Marrakech after breakfast and in two hours we arrive to Agadir – one of the famous Moroccan resort towns on the Atlantic coast. It is especially nice to come here for relaxation after a busy trip around the country. The main attraction here is the beautiful bay of Agadir and its beach – 10 km long and 100 m wide strip of clean, dense sand that becomes an ideal place for jogging, sports and walks during low tide. Have lunch in many of the cafes and restaurants on the promenade.
After lunch spend time by taking a swim during the warm season or getting a pleasure of nice long walk along the water or go shopping for souvenirs, products of local artisans, traditional Moroccan and Berber leather bags, shoes, jewelry made of silver and the semi-precious stones of the Atlas Mountains, shawls, clothes, fabulous lamps and cosmetics with argan oil.
Spend evening strolling along the wide embankment – a place for evening promenades of both local residents and visiting tourists, or take a ride on a viewing wheel, and finally have a dinner at a restaurant of your choice.

Day 2: Agadir – Mirleft

We leave Agadir to head south and can make a stop at the Souss Massa National Park to explore the coastal wilderness and fantastic bird-watching opportunities. The park covers the coastal strip of 65 km long and 5 km wide. The Massa lagoon is one of the important bird sanctuaries in Morocco and a home to flamingoes, bald ibises, sandgrouse, cranes, ducks and many other resident and migratory birds. Lunch in the village of Massa or picnic.
When you continue going south, notice the change of colors in the surrounding landscape. The earth becomes red, the trees get lower, gradually turning into shrubs.
Within couple hours we reach a small coastal village of Mirleft located 2 km inland from the ocean.
Mirleft is a good place to relax, there is not a lot to do in the village, but there are a few things to do in the surrounding area. Although the place is popular with Moroccans during the summer, and with Europeans spending time here in winter, the area is still not touristy and the nature has been preserved untouched. Go to the large Mirleft beach to admire the views of the vast spaces of the ocean and the sunset.
Accommodations and dinner in Mirleft will be arrange based on your preference.

Leave Mirleft after breakfast. The picturesque road from Mirleft to Legzira and then further to Sidi Ifni goes through the mountains, then crosses the wide valleys. Legzira is only 10 km south of Mirleft on the rocky coast. It is famous for its huge red-orange colored arches carved by the ocean in coastal cliffs. The place is still not particularly known to the general public, but well known among surfers and paragliders. Picnic at the beach or a café.
Sidi Ifni is a little costal town with an interesting history and eclectic Moorish Art Deco architecture. It was the last Moroccan city surrendered by the Spain in 1969. It was called Santa Cruz de la Mar Pequeña and was kept under Spanish control even after Moroccan independence in 1956. Spain resisted a series of Moroccan attacks to take the territory in the Ifni War of 1957–58. It eventually ended in 1969. There is no special tourist infrastructure here, but you can walk in the old Spanish Town. Dinner at a restaurant of your choice.

Leave Mirleft after breakfast to go to Taroudant, which is located in the Piedmont of the High Atlas. Rich in history, Taroudant is considered by far as one of the most elegant towns in Morocco. Take a walk in the centuries-old medina with maze-like streets, pink-shaded walls around medina, majestic palm trees, vibrant Berber market, the tannery and its shops.

After breakfast, have a caleche ride around the city walls or browse the artisanal and/or Berber souk, where you can find pottery, leather, spices, dried fruit, best in Morocco argan oil or honey, clothing, handicrafts, gold and silver jewels, and rugs of Berber nomad traders. Or, depending on your tour schedule, leave Taroudant early to have an early arrival back to Marrakech to make the best out of your time there.
We will be taking one of the most picturesque mountain routes in the country going north over Tizi n’Test ( elevation of 2092 m) in the High Atlas mountains to Marrakech.
Dinner and accommodation at a charming riad in the Medina. This concludes your Morocco costal tour where you can have a drive by the ocean and back through the mountains.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Marrakech – Agadir

Day 2: Agadir – Mirleft

Day 3: Mirleft Day trips to Legzira Beach and Sidi Ifni

Day 4: Mirleft – Taroudant

Day 5:Taroudant-Marrakech

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Best time to visit Morocco

The climate in Morocco varies wildly according to the season and area of travel. In the lowlands, the cooler months from October to April are popular among visitors. This time of year is pleasantly warm to hot (around 30°C) during the day and cool to cold (around 15°C) at night. Winter in the higher regions often brings snow and can therefore get seriously cold, particularly at night. Tourists flock to the coastline from June to September for fun in the sun, with warm mostly rain-free days. Further inland it can get hot and rain is rare, which makes the best times to travel March to June and September to December.

Morocco Culture & Customs

Morocco's culture has developed over centuries of influence from far and wide. Contemporary Morocco is a fascinating mix of Berber, Mediterranean, Andalucian, and African traditions, which are present in the cuisine, clothing, music, language, customs, and lifestyle. As an Islamic country, most Moroccans are Muslim; however, there are small populations of people who practice Judaism and Christianity. Classic examples of Islamic architecture can be observed all throughout the country and tenets of the Islamic religion are carried out in the customs and lives of the people. The 'Call to Prayer' can be heard five times a day, women are expected to dress modestly and alcohol isn't drunk by most of the population. 

Most of Moroccan society can be considered traditional, with respect for elders, connection to family, and giving alms to the poor hallmarks of everyday life for many Moroccans. Hospitality is another important element of society, with warmly welcoming people into your home a time-honored tradition and social responsibility that dates back centuries.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options in Morocco ?

Much of Morocco's cuisine revolves around meat, but vegetables are an important staple and a crucial ingredient in many dishes of the Maghreb. Your diet can consist of more than just flatbread and hummus – trust us. Keep an eye out for vegetable-based tagines and couscous, the renowned Zaalouk (a smokey eggplant and tomato salad), vegetable Briouats (triangular-filled pastries), and cinnamon oranges. Vegan options are slightly more limited, as many of the pieces of bread and couscous dishes have butter added to them, but your best bet is to enquire if yours can be made using oil instead. Otherwise, it's easy to dine well on varied vege offerings in Morocco.

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