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Frequently Asked Questions

Morocco Safety & Marrakech safety

Is safe to travel to morocco ? Is marrakech safe ?
Until now,there is no travel warnings for Morocco.
The political and security situation allows the organization of professional and tourist trips to Morocco, provided that you should be vigilant, especially when traveling along the South of the borders with Algeria & Mauritania.

Terrorist risk , Marrakech morocco safety & security

Morocco remains a safe country where tourism can be practiced without difficulty.
There has been no attack in Morocco since that of April 2011 in Marrakech, in the restaurant “Argana” in Jemâa El-Fna, which had cost 17 lives.
However, the Moroccan authorities have taken a series of measures to deal with a persistent terrorist risk, fueled in particular by the threats made by Daech. They regularly communicate  the dismantling of terrorist cells.
The “Hadar” (vigilance) system, set up in 2014, was enhanced following the Paris bombings of 13 November 2015.

Theft & Assulats risk
  • Avoid walking with jewelery & valuables or carry large amounts of money with you at night in the city centers or peripheral districts, in order to limit the risk of theft. Take preferably a safe transport.
  • It is not recommended to walk, a fortiori at night, in places deserted by the public (beachs, public parks, in particular), or those whose bad attendance is notorious locally.
  • People traveling their cars alone, especially in the south near the beaches, should avoid parking in isolated areas, day or night, especially near a city due to the risk of assaults or theft. If you do not use the services of a campground, it is advisable to inform the Moroccan local authorities.
Do I need a visa for Morocco?

USA: No – Not required 

UK: No – Not required 

Australia: No – Not required 

Canada: No – Not required 

European countries: No – Not required 

Singapore: No – Not required 

Hong Kong: No – Not required 

Thailand: No – Not required 

Singapore: No – Not required 

Malaysia:  No – Not required 

South Africa: Yes – in advance (in general, visa processing can take approximately 20 working days)

Visas are the responsibility of the individual traveler. Entry requirements can change at any time, so it’s important that you check for the latest information. Please visit the relevant consular website of Morocco for detailed and up-to-date visa information specific to your nationality. Your consultant will also be happy to point you in the right direction with acquiring visas. Visas can take several weeks to process, so familiarize yourself with any requirements as soon as you have booked your trip to allow for processing time.

What is the internet access like in Morocco ?

Morocco’s cities have internet access available in internet cafes and hotel lobbies. In some cases, free Wi-Fi can be accessed in public places. Less internet access is available in rural areas, so be prepared to ‘disconnect’ when traveling out of Morocco’s big cities.

Buying a SIM card in Morocco

To avoid roaming charges, it is possible to buy a local SIM card in Morocco. Make sure that your phone is unlocked before you leave home so a local SIM will be compatible. Morocco has three main mobile phone networks – Meditel, Maroc Telecom, and Inwi – all of which have great coverage, which may be less effective in remote areas. 4G is widely available in the main cities and towns of Morocco.

You’ll be able to buy a SIM from a convenience store, or at a newsstand, kiosk, and this will usually set you back around 100 dirhams (around USD 10) for a fair amount of calls and mobile data. Depending on the time you travel, there will be a range of prepaid deals offered by these providers. 

Please note that some Moroccan telecommunications companies have blocked the call feature on internet calling apps like Skype and WhatsApp so customers use their local call network. Messaging services on these apps are not blocked. If you’d like to call with apps like this during your time in Morocco, you may need to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your mobile phone.

Will my mobile phone work in Morocco?

Mobile/cellphone coverage is generally excellent in Morocco’s cities and metropolitan areas, although expect limited coverage in remote, desert, or mountainous areas. If you want to use your mobile phone on the go, your best bet is to buy a local SIM to insert into your unlocked phone for the duration of your stay. Otherwise, global roaming can be activated with your current service provider, but be sure to check the charges associated with this as it can often be very expensive, especially in Morocco.