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Discovering the Red City of Marrakech: Your Travel guide

What is your next fantastic tourist destination in Morocco? Have you ever heard about the Red City in Morocco? It is time to discover in our Marrakech travel guide!

Marrakech old town is a great tourist destination, attracting millions yearly visitors. The historic Medina, Jardin Majorelle, and various palaces make it even more popular. The historic center of Marrakech, including the Medina, has been a UNESCO World Heritage since 1985.

Exploring the Red City in Morocco

Consider starting your Morocco desert tours from Marrakech and discover the beauty of the Red City! Due to the wide availability of the sandstone that has a natural reddish color, it has deep historical roots in Moroccan architecture.

The color red received a cultural and symbolic meaning in Moroccan traditions. Some associate it with prosperity, strength, and life, others with cultural values and aesthetics! The reality?  Marrakech is known as the “Red City” due to a combination of practical considerations, historical traditions, cultural symbolism, and the visual attraction of red sandstone in the local architecture. This unique characteristic has made Marrakech a distinct and culturally rich destination in Morocco.

Are you planning your Culture Morocco tours? Let’s explore what is Marrakech known for and what are the must-visit destinations in the unique red city!

1. Gardens and Parks



One well-known spot is the Jardin Majorelle, a colorful garden with exotic plants and blue buildings. It was designed by a French artist in the 1920s and has a museum inside. The garden uniquely combines nature and art. 

Another must-to-be place is the Agdal Gardens, a peaceful spot with lawns, pools, and citrus trees. The Menara Gardens offer a modern touch with a big lake and views of the Atlas Mountains. These green spaces in Marrakech provide a calm escape from the lively streets, showing a different side of the city.

2. Mosques

hassan ii mosque

Mosques in Marrakech carry a unique charm and cultural meaning. One notable Mosque is the Koutoubia which dates back to the 12th century and features stunning Islamic architecture and intricate geometric designs. Another unique destination is Ben Youssef Mosque, where visitors can experience an outstanding atmosphere within its walls and appreciate the architectural beauty that reflects the city’s religious and cultural heritage. The Kasbah Mosque, on the other hand, adds to Marrakech’s religious diversity. Each will help you discover Marrakech’s cultural and spiritual identity.

3. Medina of Marrakech


Marrakech is famous for its lively and historic Medina. The main square, Djemaa el-Fna, is where everyone comes together to enjoy the city’s vibrant atmosphere. You can explore markets selling spices, textiles, and handmade crafts in the Medina. It’s a place full of history, with hidden courtyards and ancient mosques waiting to be discovered. The unique mix of culture, markets, and history makes Marrakech’s Medina one of the most exciting parts of the city.

4. Museums of Marrakech

The Marrakech Museum

Marrakech museums have an offer for everyone! They will help you discover the rich history, art, and culture. The Marrakech Museum, in the 19th-century Dar Menebhi Palace, houses a remarkable collection of artifacts, manuscripts, and traditional Moroccan art. Visitors can explore the beautifully adorned rooms which show the city’s heritage. You can discover the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, the Maison de la Photographie, and others that will help you explore the city’s unique identity.

5.  Take Safety Measures

The next great spots to discover in Marrakech are its beautiful palaces and traditional riads. The Bahia Palace, a stunning architectural treasure, attracts visitors with its complex tilework, lush gardens, and elegant courtyards. The next is El Badi Palace, while in ruins, it still shows the city’s grand architectural history. Riads, on the other hand, often show a traditional Moroccan design, with colorful tiles, carved wooden doors, and unique details that express Marrakech’s cultural heritage.  Whether exploring the palaces or the beauty of riads, Marrakech offers an unforgettable journey.

6. Markets and Souks

People who look for a dynamic and engaging shopping experience can enjoy it in the markets and souks of Marrakech. The atmosphere is rich with the fragrances of spices, vibrant colors of handmade crafts, and the energetic calls of local vendors. The souks in Marrakech are distinct for their specialization in particular goods, offering diverse products such as traditional textiles, carpets, artisanal jewelry, and fine leather goods. Besides acquiring items, you can engage with the city’s unique spirit.


7. Cultural Centers

Marrakech’s cultural centers offer a professional and enriching experience, inviting visitors to engage with the city’s diverse artistic expressions and historical narratives. Whether you are interested in visual history, contemporary fashion, or traditional art, these centers play a c critical role in shaping the cultural identity of Marrakech. If time allows, try to visit various cultural centers to get a well-rounded perspective on Marrakech’s cultural background. Mixing traditional and contemporary options can provide a great experience.


8. Historic Neighborhoods

kasbah Mosque

In addition to the Medina, Marrakech has other historic neighborhoods that show its rich cultural heritage. The Kasbah, with its ancient walls and landmarks like the Kasbah Mosque and Saadian Tombs, provides a unique glimpse into Marrakech’s past. Gueliz, on the other hand, adds a modern touch to Marrakech’s history. Built during the French colonial period, Gueliz features wide streets, European-inspired architecture, and a contemporary vibe. You can also find chic boutiques and trendy cafes in Gueliz.


9. Contemporary Art

Marrakech is also a nice place for modern art. There are galleries like the David Bloch Gallery that show all kinds of creative stuff, from paintings to sculptures. Another place, MACAAL, is like a museum just for African art. Some artists paint cool stuff on the streets, making the city feel like an open-air gallery. Marrakech is changing over time, and you can see creative art everywhere.



Today’s Marrakech is an outstanding cultural and economic corner in Morocco. The blend of historic red architecture with modern developments creates a unique spot for locals and visitors. Marrakech blends its rich history with modern advancements and completes a dynamic and diverse city. While maintaining its cultural identity, Marrakech contains modernity through infrastructure, contemporary arts, luxury tourism, and sustainable industries. Ready to get the best Marrakech travel guide and enjoy every minute of your journey? MorroccoCultureTravel will provide the best experience for everyone!